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Why Use Temporary Staffing? Our Top 5 Reasons

April 21, 2014

StrategiesYou may have heard that over 90% of companies use temporary staffing agencies for various hiring and recruiting needs. These businesses, from Fortune 500s to small companies, clearly see the benefits of outsourcing these responsibilities.

To those companies that have never tried staffing, whether because of a misconception about temporary staffing or a company policy, consider the top 5 benefits of utilizing temporary staffing….

Why Food Packaging Certifications Matter

April 18, 2014

Photo by Flickr user lyzadanger

As you walk the grocery store aisles, do you drop products from the shelf into your cart without a second glance, or do you stop and read the product’s label? Do you look at factors like whether it is organic, if it contains artificial ingredients or where it’s produced? Many Americans do, and are more involved and concerned about food certifications and safety than ever before.

As Bill Roth points out in a Triple Pundit article on Natural Products Expo West, today’s consumers are increasingly buying organic, gluten-free and non-GMO products. Consumers want to be informed about their food and to get beyond vague terms like “healthy” or “whole grain” to ensure that the products they buy meet high standards. That’s why DePaul Packaging has made a commitment to various food certifications, including Certified Gluten-Free, Oregon Tilth Certified Organic and OU Kosher.

People with dietary restrictions have long sought foods free of ingredients like gluten or dairy, but today these products are gaining an even larger audience made up of those who simply like more choices, particularly healthy ones. More people who aren’t lactose intolerant are buying rice or soy milk instead of cow’s milk, for instance, or rice crackers instead of wheat crackers. The market for gluten-free foods is exploding, expected to reach more than $15 billion annually in 2016, and this area’s sales growth is in large part due to those without gluten allergies and/or sensitivities.

Food safety is another critical issue for consumers. Processing and packaging facilities are held to high safety standards through regulations like the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and bodies like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but many go further and invest in bringing in third-party auditors to perform surprise inspections of their facilities. AIB International is accepted as the auditing standard in the food processing industry and is committed to protecting the safety of the food supply chain by performing rigorous independent inspections, superior audits and training.

DePaul Packaging had our annual AIB International surprise audit in March, and we’re proud to announce that for the eighth year in a row, we scored a Superior Rating, with 980 out of a total 1,000 possible points. This is a huge point of pride for our quality assurance staff and our entire team.

It pays to make an investment in food certifications, giving customers peace of mind that products are held to the highest standards.

Social Enterprise Alliance Summit ’14 Recap: WEDNESDAY

April 17, 2014

Alternative staffing intensive at SEA Summit '14Summit ’14 wrapped up yesterday with a half-day of great programming, including a three-hour alternative staffing intensive.

The session kicked off with an overview of the alternative staffing industry from Alternative Staffing Alliance (ASA) Member Services Coordinator Janet Van Liere. About 60 alternative staffing organizations (ASOs) in the US currently help people with barriers to employment to get jobs, and 80% of these are subsidiaries of nonprofits. Earned revenue is a key part of these organizations, and 63% of ASOs cover at least 95% of their total operating costs with earned staffing revenue.

Panelists representing three approaches to this model shared about their organizations. Amanda Whitmore and JD Wallace of GoodTemps in Muskegon, Michigan, spoke about operating as a subsidiary of Goodwill Industries and how their value-add services for employers, including a retention program, have contributed to their success.

DePaul President & CEO Dave Shaffer took the microphone to discuss why now is truly the time for the alternative staffing model to take off, including the growing concern for corporate social responsibility and the OFCCP 7% rule. He explained how based on this strong demand, DePaul has launched PurposeSTAFF, a national staffing network focused on helping people with disabilities and other barriers to employment to get jobs.

Vanessa Bartram of WorkSquare in Miami, Florida, explained why her organization chose to structure as a for-profit and Certified B Corporation, and how it serves customers in the hospitality industry. Attendees then split into two focus groups on starting up or staffing up, to discuss strategies and approaches that have helped them during these phases.

The Summit wrapped up with a closing lunch, including comments by SEA President & CEO Kevin Lynch and some thoughts from a few attendees on what they learned. Summit ’14 was great from start to finish, and we’re already looking forward to Summit ’15!

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Social Enterprise Alliance Summit ’14 Recap: TUESDAY

April 15, 2014

Social Enterprise Alliance Summit '14We’re wrapping up another jam-packed day at the Social Enterprise Alliance Summit ’14, filled with lots of energy and positive connections, and the resounding themes of purpose, love and impact measurement. Today was full of amazing sessions that we couldn’t possibly recap in one blog post, but read on for a few highlights!

Dr. Victoria Hale, on the Revolutionary Idea of Medicine for All
Dr. Hale founded the United States’ first nonprofit pharmaceutical company, and told the story of the obstacles she faced developing an organization providing medicines for people of all walks of life. She touched on the risks and leaps of faith a social entrepreneur must take in starting a new venture, and emphasized the benefits of a hybrid social enterprise structure.

Business for Good Contest
This fun session over lunch featured pitches by the finalists for the Business for Good competition, who were chosen from nearly 200 innovative social enterprises around the country who vied for more than $50,000 in awards. The three finalists all did a fantastic job, impressing judges and attendees, who were able to vote via text message. In the end, Hydrobee took the top prize, followed by Conscious Stepand Hero Tech Forge, with all three receiving some prizes.

Keystone Accountability Chief Executive David Bonbright (left) and DePaul President & CEO Dave Shaffer at SEA Summit '14.

Connecting With Capital: A Kaleidoscopic Conversation About Money
Funding is always a hot topic for social enterprises, and this interactive session brought together a diverse array of funders and social enterprise practitioners who discussed opportunities and challenges to obtaining funding, whether an enterprise is structured as a nonprofit, for-profit or a hybrid. Participants discussed their burning needs for capital and biggest obstacles, and were able to ask some tough questions of the panel, which included DePaul Industries President & CEO Dave Shaffer providing a practitioner perspective.

The Summit wraps up early tomorrow afternoon, but plenty of sessions remain, including an intensive on alternative staffing organizations that we’re really looking forward to!

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Social Enterprise Alliance Summit ’14 Recap: MONDAY

April 14, 2014

Social Enterprise Alliance Summit '14We’re thrilled to be in Nashville for Social Enterprise Alliance Summit ’14. Today’s schedule included lots of great intensives, workshops and tours, and we enjoyed connecting with others in the lobby area, where we have a booth representing DePaul Industries and PurposeSTAFF.

Here are a few highlights of Monday’s schedule:

The State of Equity Crowdfunding for Social Enterprises
Chance Barnett, Crowdfunder
Crowdfunding originated around 2005, but the crowdfunding of today has expanded from its original donation focus to include equity capital from friends and family, angel capital, venture capital and institutional investors. This estimated $300 billion market offers an opportunity for some for-profit social enterprises.

Welcome to Summit 14!
Kevin Lynch, Social Enterprise Alliance, and Karl F. Dean, Nashville Mayor
SEA President & CEO Kevin Lynch kicked off the Summit programming with a great plenary session that featured Nashville Mayor Karl F. Dean, who highlighted some of Nashville’s thriving social enterprises (a few of which are being toured as part of the Summit programming!).

Building an Economy on Love
Becca Stevens, Thistle Farms, and Tolulope Ilesanmi, Zenith Cleaners
The theme of Summit ’14 is “Connecting for Purpose,” but while purpose is important, so is another factor: love. Becca Stevens told the story of Thistle Farms, a social enterprise that runs a bath and body products line and cafe that are run by women who have survived prostitution, trafficking, addiction and homelessness. Stevens emphasized that love and economics aren’t mutually exclusive – a social enterprise can be financially viable while also using love and compassion as guiding principles. Ilesanmi spoke about his cleaning service, Zenith Cleaners, and how its definition of cleaning extends beyond just cleaning dirt from surfaces, but also to cleaning internally and organizationally.

Social Enterprise Marketplace - Summit 14Social Enterprise Marketplace
We enjoyed browsing booths from nearly 50 Nashville social enterprises, from Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee to Nisolo to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville – Restores. We learned more about Tennessee’s diverse social enterprises, shopped and tasted some delicious samples.

It was a great first full day of the Summit, and we’re looking forward to so much more tomorrow and Wednesday, including two sessions featuring our President & CEO, Dave Shaffer!

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