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Partnering with The Standard to create jobs

January 18, 2012

Project SEARCH : The StandardWhen aiming to create employment opportunities for everyone who wants to work, that includes discovering and developing innovative ways to create jobs for those with the most significant barriers to employment. The unique Project SEARCH program rose to the surface as a solution when DePaul Industries was the first to begin administering it in Oregon a few years ago, and it has proved its success most recently at one of our business partners, The Standard.

DePaul Industries partnered with The Standard to solve workforce issues and create jobs for people with disabilities in Portland, OR through the nationally-renowned Project SEARCH employment program. Project SEARCH takes a simple yet underutilized approach to employment integration, and has proven to forge partnerships with businesses that benefit the workplace, the community, and the individual.

Project SEARCH US has recognized the partnership by featuring an article about the program’s benefits that originally appeared in The Standard’s internal newsletter.Visit Project SEARCH US or read the article to learn about the business success at The Standard through the Project SEARCH program.

Interested in learning how the Project SEARCH program could enhance your business? Get in touch.

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