Recruiting with staffing agency

Chances are, when you’re considering hiring seasonal or temporary employees, you need them in a pinch during an extremely busy period in your industry. While you may consider having your HR Department process the hires to save a few dollars, there might be a huge headache waiting in the wings during an already stressful and hectic time for your workplace.

Let’s say you need a bundle of temporary workers on short notice. Whether this is something you do often or just once in a while, there’s still a ton of work that goes into it. Your HR Department will need to:

  • Develop and post job descriptions
  • Determine pricing and benefit options
  • Recruit via agencies, referrals, and ads
  • Interview candidates and select them for hire
  • Process background checks, drug screens, and reference checks
  • Train new employees
  • Process weekly payroll and benefits
  • Manage employee issues, concerns, and workers’ compensation

Whew! That’s a lot of tasks on your HR Department’s plate, and a lot of different relationships to manage. Throw some diversity hiring into the mix, and it’s not only overwhelming — it’s not cost effective. Streamline those relationships down to one by letting a staffing agency do the work for you.

So, the benefits? You can take a deep breath knowing that your staffing needs are taken care of, your HR Department doesn’t get overwhelmed, and you’re left free to focus on your strength: the business.

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