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You may have heard that over 90% of companies use temporary staffing agencies for various hiring and recruiting needs. These businesses, from Fortune 500s to small companies, clearly see the benefits of outsourcing these responsibilities.

To those companies that have never tried staffing, whether because of a misconception about temporary staffing or a company policy, consider the top 5 benefits of utilizing temporary staffing:

  1. Temporary staffing saves you money. This one takes the top spot for a reason, since in today’s economic climate, financial impact is the single most important factor. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average direct cost for a new employee is nearly $60,000, including wages, benefits and taxes. This doesn’t take into account the significant costs of advertising, recruiting and screening, and all the additional hidden costs of hiring a new employee. A staffing agency can give you a solid cost to put in your budget. And keep in mind that the staffing agency covers taxes and fees associated with payroll, workers’ compensation and unemployment, giving your HR department a break.

  2. Temporary staffing saves you time. Your company excels at its specialty – whether that be making baked goods, providing a service such as cleaning, or manufacturing car parts. Staffing firms excel at placing people where they will succeed – matching associates’ strengths with available positions. They have the expertise and the ability to effectively gauge where an associate will thrive, and when your managers don’t have to spend countless hours on hiring, they’re freed up to do what they do best.

  3. Temporary staffing increases productivity. Employers who decide to run very lean and spread out responsibilities across their existing workforce can often see productivity drop. Bringing in temporary staff to help out during peak seasons and upticks in business can give your company the competitive shot in the arm it needs.

  4. Temporary staffing increases flexibility. Working with a temp staffing company gives you the ability to cover the unexpected – whether that’s time off for vacations, medical leave, increased workload, or any other reason. Whenever you need a staffing firm, they’re available to help.

  5. Temporary staffing provides guaranteed hires. How frustrating (not to mention time-consuming and expensive) is it to go through the lengthy hiring process, from recruiting to multiple interviews to onboarding and training, only to have the new hire not work out? A staffing agency should guarantee its temporary employees, so if an employee is absent or doesn’t work out for another reason, they will immediately find another employee for the job.

These are just a few of the many reasons most companies are using temporary staffing. Ready to take the plunge? Contact DePaul Staffing today.