Collage of light industrial workers

The first signs of fall are upon us: kids are back in school, leaves are starting to change and temperatures are cooling. The holidays may feel far away but will be here before we know it. For consumer goods companies, that means now is the time to ramp up production to ensure inventory volume for the holiday season.

So in warehouses around the country, companies that sell foods and beverages, clothing, electronics and other consumer goods are ramping up production. Not only are they producing increased quantities of their year-round products, but adding special holiday retail items like gift baskets, gift sets and products in holiday-themed packaging.

How are most companies increasing their volume quickly and efficiently? By hiring temporary staff. Bringing in temporary employees during peak season ensures that production goes as scheduled, and that companies aren’t overstaffed during slower seasons. And, it helps to avoid the loss of productivity that comes from overloading existing workers and the hidden costs of overtime.

A variety of employees can assist in the production ramp-up, including:

Production workers are obviously key to increasing product volume. Whether they’re working on the line, driving a forklift, operating machinery, doing material handling, providing maintenance or janitorial services, or handling quality assurance or security, they are the backbone of warehouses producing all kinds of products around the country.

While warehouses are buzzing during ramp-up, so are the administrative and accounting functions. Whether more staff members are needed to answer increased call and email volume, accounting clerks to manage the increase in sales or administrative assistants to manage busy schedules and travel arrangements, administrative staff members are also key to peak season production.

With heightened volume levels and deliveries, demand for drivers has also likely increased. Ramping up driver hiring (whether in-demand CDL drivers or delivery drivers who don’t need commercial licenses) ensures that products get to distribution or retail centers on schedule.

While it may seem early to think about the holidays, preparation is already in full swing for many employers. During this busy time, businesses have plenty of operational challenges and likely don’t have the time to spend hours recruiting and hiring staff who may only remain on payroll for a short time. Allowing a staffing agency to take on your recruiting and hiring during this essential ramp-up time is cost-effective and will help ensure that your company is prepared for the holiday season.