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With just over a week until Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days of the year, holiday hiring is in full swing. CareerBuilder says that 43% of retailers will hire seasonal staff this holiday season, up from 39% last year.

But retailers aren’t the only ones hiring. More than a quarter of employers across industries will hire seasonal employees before the end of the year, according to CareerBuilder. Companies in the retail supply chain, from consumer goods manufacturers to delivery services to call centers to restaurants, will be adding staff. And businesses in many other industries, from accounting to construction to law, may just need a little bit of extra help before the year comes to a close, and turn to a staffing agency to provide temporary employees.

In order to get the most out of staffing this holiday season, take note of our top tips:

  1. Plan ahead.
    It might seem like common sense, but forecasting your staffing needs as soon as you can is key for the bustling holiday season. With unemployment at 5.8% (its lowest rate since the recession) and many employers ramping up hiring, there’s big competition to get the most qualified employees. Think not only about hires you’ll need for the holiday surge in business, but also employees to cover vacations and security officers for special events.

  2. Staffing agencies have been working on building candidate pools for months, so they have a built-in supply of employees ready to work. And while staffing agencies are accustomed to accommodating last-minute requests, giving them as much lead time as possible will help ensure that you get the most qualified employees.

  3. Have an onboarding plan.
    Being prepared to onboard and thoroughly train temporary employees is key to helping them succeed, especially when you have many new employees during the busiest time of year. Safety best practices should be emphasized, in addition to job duties and other standard onboarding procedures for new temporary employees.

  4. Look for permanent members of your team.
    Have a temporary employee who stands out this holiday season? Consider hiring them permanently. Getting to see an employee’s work during the busy holidays can show you employees who will be a good long-term fit year-round.

  5. Communicate with your staffing agency.
    Want to hire a temporary employee permanently? Have a big order coming in next week that will require many additional employees? Need a specialized, tough-to-recruit position like a CDL driver or welder? Communicate early, and often, with your staffing agency throughout the holiday season to make the most out of staffing.
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