Collage - DePaul Industries Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014

2014 was a big year for DePaul Industries – we established two benefit companies that are both Certified B Corps and saw exciting growth in our staffing, security and packaging divisions. Our most-read blog posts of the year highlight some of our big news, as well as many trends we’ve seen in these industries in 2014.

1. The American CDL Driver Shortage: What You Need to Know
If you’ve recruited CDL drivers recently, you know what a challenging process it can be. Our most-read post of the year looks at the causes, and possible solutions, for this shortage of truck drivers.

2. With Construction Season Ramping Up, Consider Security at Your Worksite
A professional construction presence at security sites, offering services from 24-hour patrols to Fire Watch, is key to keeping a site safe and secure both while workers are present and after hours.

3. Top 10 Tips for Onboarding New Temps
You’ve worked with your temporary staffing agency to have 10 temps starting next week. Now what? A comprehensive onboarding plan is critical to a smooth transition and to productivity and safety.

4. How to Choose a Staffing Agency: Five Key Questions
If you’re utilizing staffing for the first time, you may not be sure how to make sure a staffing agency is the right fit. Don’t worry – ask our five questions to help you find the right fit.

5. 5 Heat Safety Tips for the Workplace This Summer
Many areas of the country saw brutal heat in the summer of 2014. Our heat safety tips help ensure that employees stay safe when the mercury rises.

6. Juniper Naturals: Healthy Snacks, Spices and Infant Formula
In the spring of 2014 we debuted our social enterprise brand of snacks, spices and infant formula, giving customers in both the United States and China a new healthy, socially responsible choice of food brands.

7. Six Affordable Ways to Boost Employee Morale
Perks like gourmet meals and free massages are nice, but you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to show employees you appreciate them. These low-cost ideas include one we offer at DePaul Industries: fresh fruit around the office each day.

8. The Rise of Private Labeling (and What it Means for Your Brand)
Private labeling is all the rage in the food packaging world, with companies “increasingly moving towards offering their own label right next to national brands — and ensuring that it actively competes with them.”

9. Why (and How!) 1,000 Companies Have Become Certified B Corps
The Certified B Corp movement continues to gain steam, as organizations (like yours truly!) recognize the benefits of becoming a B Corp, including quantifying and branding your organization’s dedication to sustainability.

10. Unified Workforce: Work Opportunities for People With Developmental Disabilities
Rounding out the top 10: a feature on our Unified Workforce program, which offers integrated, minimum wage or higher employment opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities at our Hayden Island food packaging facility. - See more at: