Ice cream cone

Summer has officially arrived. While it’s nice to treat your employees to perks throughout the year (and these morale boosters don't have to break the bank!), the long, sunny days of summer offer some fun opportunities.

Here are three summer-themed ideas that will show your employees how much you appreciate them.

1. Hire an ice cream truck.
Kids and adults alike perk up at the sound of music being piped out of a speaker atop an ice cream truck—you’re just never too old to enjoy an ice cream sandwich, fruity popsicle or scoop.

So why not get an ice cream truck to come to your office or warehouse and provide sweet treats for all of your employees? Whether an old-fashioned truck serving ice cream bars and popsicles to one serving artisanal ice cream in unique flavors, your employees are sure to enjoy a break eating ice cream and visiting with coworkers.

2. Create summer survival kits.
You know your employees are getting excited for their vacations, and will likely spend some time off at the beach or in the great outdoors. A summer survival kit for them to enjoy while they're away from work is a fun option.

The possibilities to include in your kits are endless, from larger items like a baseball cap, beach towel or water bottle with your company logo, to smaller additions like tubes of sunscreen or lip balm, playing cards or snacks. A tote bag or beach bucket makes a great carrier.

3. Surprise them with Friday afternoon off.
The author Henry James wrote, “Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”

So picture this: it’s a sunny Friday and your employees are abuzz talking about their plans for the weekend. At noon, announce that you’re shutting down, and that they’ll get to start their weekends early by enjoying a few extra hours of paid time off. You’ll make their weekend, and ensure that they come back to work fresh on Monday.