DePaul Industries Unified Workforce employees

Since DePaul Industries was founded in 1971, we've provided job opportunities for people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, and over the years our program has taken many different forms. Now our Unified Workforce program is embarking on a new era, helping our employees to gain new skills and attain jobs in the community.

Here’s what’s changed in a nutshell:

  • Focus on community employment.

We’re no longer facility-based—our goal is to help our clients prepare for and achieve community employment, as well as helping them succeed after they gain jobs.

  • Greater array of service offerings.

We now offer a variety of employment services, including discovery, employment path community, job development and ongoing job coaching.

  • Change of location.

This program has moved to DePaul Industries’ headquarters, conveniently located at the intersection of NE MLK Jr. Blvd. and NE Alberta and easily accessible on TriMet bus routes 6 and 72.

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