Fall leaves

Fall is in full swing - leaves are falling, temperatures are getting chilly and kids are well into the school year and thinking about Halloween.

Fall is full of fun activities and events, but it also brings some additional safety concerns at work. Addressing the four fall workplace safety topics below, by discussing at your next safety meeting or posting materials on a bulletin board or your intranet, is a great way to ensure that your employees can stay safe and enjoy the season.

Avoid trips and falls on slippery surfaces.
Our headquarters is in Portland, Oregon, so we know a thing or two about employees tracking in water and wet leaves, which can lead to very slippery floors and the potential for trips and falls. Outdoor surfaces like wooden walkways can also become very slippery. A variety of easy and affordable fixes exist, such as placing industrial-strength mats near doors and posting signs to alert employees to be careful.

Prevent cold and flu.
Does it seem like your entire workplace has a case of the sniffles? Cold and flu season is here, and with it the risk of spreading illness around the workplace. Cold and flu prevention is key, such as encouraging sick workers to take a day off or work remotely, and offering easy access to hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies. You could even host a flu shot clinic at work to make it easy for employees to get vaccinated.

Practice defensive driving.
The transition from summer to fall brings many changes in road conditions, such as slick roads due to rain, standing water on roadways, or slippery streets lined with frost or ice. Remind your employees to be aware of potential hazards and drive defensively, and review autumn driving tips for a refresher on best practices. In addition, the darkness makes it challenging to see pedestrians and bikers, so drivers should be especially vigilant in sharing the road.

Get prepared for cold temperatures.
A chill is in the air, so whether your workplace is an office or warehouse, you’ll likely be adjusting the thermostat. Remind employees who work outside or in colder indoor environments of the risks of lower temperatures, and ensure that they’re appropriately outfitted for their positions. Also ensure that employees know what to do in case of inclement weather.