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It's hard to believe, but we're already nearly a month into the new year. Read on for some reasons why having a staffing agency on speed dial will help you succeed in 2017.

1. Have more flexibility.

There’s a lot of uncertainty about what 2017 will bring for employers, from how the national and global economy will perform to the fate of policies like the Affordable Care Act and the FLSA overtime rule. Temporary staffing can help you manage these uncertain times, including ebbs and flow in your business.

2. Save time recruiting and hiring.

Who couldn’t use an extra few hours in the workday? The hiring process is particularly time-consuming right now, when unemployment is low and employers are competing for a very limited pool of employees. So letting a staffing agency take on this time-consuming process gives you time to focus on other tasks.

3. Access a different pool of employees.

Not all employees are looking for full-time gigs – some prefer the flexibility offered by a temporary or contract position. Staffing agencies excel at building pools of these flexible employees who want a job just like the one you’re offering. And if you find a star employee, you can hire them on permanently.

4. Skip the compliance headaches.

Some experts are calling 2017 the year of regulations, according to HRDive. The employer of record has to worry about compliance with regulations like the Affordable Care Act, local or regional regulations like paid sick leave, and many more. When you utilize a staffing agency, that agency is responsible for compliance for its employees, taking just one more headache off of your plate.  

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