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DePaul Industries Unified Workforce associate Jon Hin was featured working last week in a KOIN 6 news story about Amazon's Prime Now operation in Portland. Jon first appears about 41 seconds into the video, which you can watch below, and is wearing a neon yellow shirt.

In September 2016, Unified Workforce joined with NW Center to recruit and hire three individuals with disabilities for the Prime Now site in NW Portland. Jon was one of the three who started at Amazon in October 2016, so he recently celebrated his one-year employment anniversary.

Jon started on a 90-day probationary period, where his metrics were noted for comparison to other workers and a job coach work alongside him. After the probationary period, he moved to blue badge status as a permanent part-time employee of Amazon. Since then he’s been selecting his own schedule, sometimes even working double shifts. He recently experienced his second “peak season” with Amazon, where seasonal employees are brought on to help with the holiday season. He’s been confident enough to even assist in training some new hires.