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We are very proud of a DePaul Security Officer who saved a child's life while on duty last month.

Stephen Davis, DePaul Security Officer, and Larry Welty, VP of Security Services

Security Officer Stephen Davis was monitoring the metal detectors at the Yamhill County Courthouse on May 10 when a child began choking on a piece of candy. Officer Davis jumped into action to provide medical assistance. He performed the Heimlich Maneuver, dislodging the candy so the child could breathe again.

Last week our Vice President of Security Services, Larry Welty, gave Officer Davis a Life Saving Award (pictured at right), and the Yamhill County Sheriff's Office presented him with a Certificate of Appreciation and a badge. Stephen worked for DePaul briefly in 2015/2016 and rejoined the team last December.

Thank you to Officer Davis for his incredible life-saving action - we're lucky to have him!