Security officer checking lock

SWINE FLU and SECURITY? What's the connection? More than you think. DePaul Security provides temporary and long-term security staffing solutions to make sure you have the trained personnel and other support you need immediately should a serious pandemic occur and strike your operations.

Pandemics can mean a reduction in force in a nano-second and loss of business and other serious risks. In addition to ensuring your operations are seamless, will you be able to demonstrate to the public and your insurance company that you have taken reasonable efforts to have a plan, and a back-up plan, for safety and security should a pandemic occur? It's more critical than ever to be able to staff up and return to a full complement of security personnel rapidly in a flexible manner with the right people. It is especially critical for healthcare, retirement and assisted living facilities.

DePaul Security specializes in providing professional, certified security officers to assist with property management, asset protection, access control, and the overall safety of your facility, residents and staff. Because healthcare, retirement and assisted living facilities have open-door policies, they can become frequent targets of criminal activity if unprotected. To develop or improve security measures, an increasing number of senior and health services facilities are seeking out professionally trained and certified security officers.

DePaul Security delivers important services, always providing efficient, reliable, and well-trained officers, on-site security professionals to ensure your facility remains both secure and welcoming. Customer service, confidentiality and the overall safety of your residents, patients, guests and staff are DePaul Security’s main focus. 

DePaul Security officers are trained to provide a variety of services for healthcare, retirement and assisted living facilities:

  • Security access control, reception desk and phone coverage
  • Emergency response for staff and residents
  • First contact for emergency services
  • First Aid, CPR/AED
  • Highly visual deterrent to unlawful activity
  • Alarm system and CCTV monitoring
  • Monitoring of key equipment on site
  • Foot patrols of facility, grounds & parking lots
  • CCTV and alarm system monitoring
  • Friendly, comprehensive customer service and assistance to residents
  • Checking on residents’ well-being
  • Safe escort to vehicles for residents, guests and staff
  • Emergency maintenance backup
  • Trained observation for fire, safety hazards, trespassing, property damage and theft

Community Involvement
DePaul Security is committed to the healthcare industry and certified, delivering programs that meet JCAHO security management plan standards and guidelines. DePaul Security is an active member of the Oregon Alliance of Senior and Health Services (OASHS) and the Oregon Health Care Association (OHCA).

The DePaul Security Force
At DePaul Security, our purpose is to provide an operating force of unarmed, trained personnel to protect your company and property from fire, theft, intrusion and other unlawful acts which disturb the peace, or which place life or property in jeopardy. We serve as your visual deterrent to crime. DePaul Security’s supervisory staff has extensive backgrounds in law enforcement and specialized security, and can assist you in tailoring a security program suited to your needs and your budget. 

More and more companies are turning to DePaul as their security provider in Western Oregon and Southwest Washington. DePaul provides comprehensive security services in a cost efficient manner; providing additional value in this down economy. For more than 35 years, DePaul Security has been on a mission to provide strong security services in the Portland/Vancouver, Salem and Eugene areas.

“With the current economy it's even more critical than ever to be able to staff up in a flexible manner with the right people for the job at hand. During these times, more and more companies are turning to us to help them rapidly acquire and hire people to handle the upsides in this down economy,” says Travis Pearson, General Manager for DePaul Staffing.

“We know the Northwest. More importantly, we know its people. We know the workforce and we know the business needs. We put our name and reputation on the line with every temporary employee we provide, and we’ve done it successfully for decades. Customer service, confidentiality and the safety of employees, patients/residents and guests are our main concern when customizing complete outsourcing packages for health care facilities in Portland, Salem, and Eugene,” he said.