DePaul Industries' Salem Office Has Moved!

We're excited to announce that DePaul Industries' Salem office has moved!

We're settled into our new space at:

DePaul Industries
627 Winter St. NE
Salem, OR 97301

What Do Security Officers Do?

You probably see security officers (or security guards, as they're often called) in many different places, from patrolling shopping malls to managing access to office buildings to monitoring security scanners at the courthouse. But have you taken the time to think about what this important job entails?

Welcome to the New DePaul Industries Website

Today is a big day for DePaul Industries: the launch of our new website!

If you've visited us online recently, you know that our previous site was a bit dated, and it could be difficult to find information. DePaul has grown and changed significantly since our previous site was built, and our new site better reflects who we are and what we do.

Fall Security Checklist: Prepare Your Workplace for Shorter Days

Americans mark the end of daylight saving time by turning clocks back by an hour in early November. Though an extra hour of sleep and lighter mornings are welcome, the downside is darker evenings, meaning employees working the day shift will likely leave work after dark.

Security Officers Help Summer Events Run Smoothly

The first day of summer has passed, but in the Pacific Northwest, the Fourth of July feels like the official kickoff. And with warmer temperatures come some of our favorite events of the year – like music festivals, county fairs, parades, picnics, street fairs, and races – that bring large groups of people together in outdoor venues.

DePaul Security Officers Advocate for the Village Support Network

As Robbie and Tina Shank and their daughter moved from the Goose Hollow Family Shelter into their own apartment in early 2013, they had a team supporting them. Volunteers from a local congregation helped them furnish their new home, assisted with school registration and provided a variety of other supports.