Four Essential Roles of Security Officers at Healthcare Facilities

You’ve likely noticed a security presence when visiting a hospital or other medical facility. With heavy foot traffic and an open-door policy for visitors, healthcare facilities can be a target for criminal activity, and a security presence plays a major role in deterring crime.

Four Holiday Security Concerns To Be Aware of This Season

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and shopping and special holiday events are starting to ramp up. While the holidays are a wonderful time of year, they also mean a boost in thefts from cars, and additional security concerns. Hiring a security team this holiday season can help to prevent and deter crime and allow customers and employees to fully enjoy the season.

Benefits of Security Professionals at Your Business

Most benefits of having security professionals at your business are obvious—a security presence is a crime deterrent, aids in loss prevention, and can provide peace of mind to employees and customers. There may be one, however, that you might have overlooked, but one that is a key factor in differentiating ‘rent-a-cops’ from true security professionals: customer service.

DePaul Security Asset Protection Program Helps Pacific Northwest Businesses In Tough Economic Times

In a depressed economy, asset protection is even more of a priority for public and private sector companies in all industries. As the downturn in employment continues and drug use and drug-related crimes are on the increase, the need for asset protection is more critical than ever—and yet corporations are continuing to trim costs. It’s a difficult balancing act for organizations to safeguard their assets.