Six Affordable Ways to Boost Employee Morale

You’ve likely seen national companies like Google, Facebook and Zappos in the news with a spotlight on the many perks their employees enjoy, like corporate cafeterias with world-class chefs, free on-site laundry or free rental cars and massages. But you don’t have to have a Facebook or Google budget to show employees you appreciate them. Here are six easy to implement, cost-effective gestures to help boost employee morale.

What We’re Reading This Week – HR Edition

Employee recruitment and retention are hot topics for employers, and a wealth of news and information on HR topics like these is available around the web, many with advice and suggestions that are fairly easy to implement and inexpensive. Here are some of our favorite recent reads from the HR arena.

Top 5 Misconceptions About Temporary Staffing (From the Employer Side)

There are a lot of ‘myth debunking’ articles out there from the employee side, helping potential temporary job candidates to navigate the confusing world of the ‘getting hired’ process. But what about from the employer side? There are still a lot of myths floating around out there, too, affecting the possible benefits that employers can glean from working with staffing firms.

Top 10 Tips for Onboarding New Temps

Congratulations, you’ve put in your order for a new temporary employee, and he/she arrives tomorrow! But what’s the process? What do you need to know before your new employee starts work at your facility?

Here are ten tips for a smooth transition for onboarding new temps into your business: