Elevating Impact Summit: Celebrating Social Innovation in Portland

Jun 23, 2014 | Social Enterprise

We had a great time at Friday’s Elevating Impact Summit, hosted by the Impact Entrepreneurs at Portland State University. Many fellow Portland B Corps were in attendance at the Gerding Theater at the Armory, including Sustainable Harvest, the recipient of the Impact Entrepreneurship Award! The day…

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Oregon Employers Having Trouble Filling Open Positions

Jun 19, 2014 | Staffing

A recent survey conducted by the Oregon Employment Department indicates that businesses are having trouble hiring for many vacant positions, as Oregon employers reported that almost half of their job vacancies in 2013 were “difficult to fill.” A few points of interest from the report include: »  A…

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Are You Keeping Up With the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)?

Jun 12, 2014 | Packaging, Security

The CDC estimates that 1 in 6 Americans become sick from foodborne illnesses every year. Reducing this number is a public health priority, and one of the goals of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). FSMA is a far-reaching piece of legislation that gives the Food and Drug Administration (FDA…

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Report: People With Disabilities “Continue to be Left Out of the Economy’s Job Growth”

Jun 6, 2014 | Employment of People with Disabilities

The May jobs report released this morning was guardedly positive, with non-farm payrolls adding 217,000 jobs and unemployment remaining roughly flat. But the employment market is very different for people with disabilities, and this fact was underlined by a new report from the Kessler Foundation …

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5 Heat Safety Tips for the Workplace this Summer

May 28, 2014 | Staffing

After a harsh winter in many parts of the country, Americans are looking forward to rising temperatures this summer. But hot weather can be hazardous for employees, whether they’re working outside in jobs like farming or construction or in a hot indoor environment, such as a food processing…

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CASE STUDY: Packaging Traeger’s Rubs and Spice Blends

May 21, 2014 | Packaging

Traeger has long been the top seller of wood pellet grills in the country. With an eye for products that would complement its grills, Traeger set out to create a branded line of rubs and spice blends, including low-sodium options. Offering these signature products at Traeger dealers and on its…

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Why (and How!) 1,000 Companies Have Become Certified B Corps

May 19, 2014 | News

Last week brought momentous news about the movement to redefine success in business: B Lab has now certified more than 1,000 B Corps! WHAT IS A B CORP? Today consumers and businesses are more concerned than ever about social and environmental issues and impact, and it can be hard to know if…

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Juniper Naturals: Healthy Snacks, Spices and Infant Formula

May 12, 2014 | Packaging, News

We’re pleased to introduce Juniper Naturals, DePaul Packaging’s new brand of healthy foods! Our line of flavorful snacks, spices and products for babies and toddlers includes: NUTS AND DRIED FRUITS From Oregon-grown hazelnuts to dried blueberries lightly sweetened with real cane sugar to roasted…

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Our Most-Read Blog Posts of 2014 (Thus Far)

May 7, 2014 | News

We’ve had a busy start to 2014, complete with exciting news, events and developments. We’ve attended some great conferences (and are currently wrapping up the SourceAmerica National Training and Achievement Conference), made some big announcements and covered changes in hiring requirements for…

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Tips to Improve Security at Your Business Facility This Spring

Apr 25, 2014 | Security

After such a harsh winter in many parts of the country, Americans have been eagerly anticipating warmer weather. As temperatures rise, more people are out and about, and industries like construction and agriculture and food processing see seasonal upticks in business. But warmer weather also…

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