DePaul Industries packaging employees

The $25.7 million company’s five-year Strategic Plan will scale its existing social entrepreneurial operations to increase revenue and expand employment opportunities

DePaul Industries strategic planDePaul Industries unveiled its aggressive five-year strategic plan today, aiming to increase its earned revenue to $86.5 million and its number of employees with disabilities to 3,900 by the end of fiscal year 2016. The plan focuses on scaling its existing business units while remaining financially self-sufficient and relevant to its customers, in order to fulfill its mission of helping people with disabilities have the opportunity to work.

This strategic plan follows the celebration of DePaul Industries’ 40th anniversary in 2011, commemorating DePaul’s growth from a small, traditional job-shop nonprofit into the social entrepreneurial, self-sustaining outsourcing enterprise it is today. DePaul Industries operates three flexible outsourcing businesses—food packaging & contract manufacturing, temporary staffing services, and security services—within clusters in three states, with plans to expand to 12 additional markets within the next five years.

“Our strategic plan is simply building upon the success of our proven business units,” says Dave Shaffer, President & CEO of DePaul Industries. “Scaling our staffing, security, and packaging & contract manufacturing businesses means more jobs for people with disabilities—fulfilling our mission and our social responsibility.”

As part of the effort to highlight DePaul Industries’ strategic goals and its unique blend of business solutions and social benefit, DePaul will also launch a new blog on its website, featuring expertise with respect to social entrepreneurism, filling job gaps, training outsourced workers, and other employment-related tips and trends. For more information, visit