Employees in food processing

On the heels of a U.S Labor Department effort to encourage federal contractors to hire a minimum number of disabled workers or face penalty, the Wall Street Journal reported that a number of companies have “flooded the department with complaints that the rule amounts to a first-ever government quota for hiring disabled workers that would expose them to a thicket of legal pitfalls.”

Bayer Corporation’s CEO Greg Babe responded with his two cents, maintaining his company’s support of the effort in contrast to what appeared to be a uniform distaste for the new policy by businesses—perhaps due to misconceptions about what employing people with disabilities really means. Babe makes a great point about our larger community: “Fifty million people with disabilities represent a broad cross-section of job seekers and a target market for goods and services.”

For all of the reasons to employ people with disabilities—and make a concerted effort to overcome misconceptions in order to do so—support for a business’ bottom line is the best way to get through to the vast majority of employers. If it makes good business sense, they’ll get on board.

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