Security officer on patrol

After such a harsh winter in many parts of the country, Americans have been eagerly anticipating warmer weather. As temperatures rise, more people are out and about, and industries like construction and agriculture and food processing see seasonal upticks in business. But warmer weather also typically leads to an unwelcome trend – an increase in crimes of opportunity, particularly to property.

Perhaps an item that looks like a wallet or GPS is in full view in a car. Construction or landscaping equipment may be unattended, or a building is easily accessed after hours through a cracked window. Crimes of opportunity like theft or vandalism can not only have a financial impact, but also affect how secure employees and visitors to your facility feel.

Fortunately, some simple changes can help to prevent crimes of opportunity. Take a few minutes this month to check on and improve business facility security concerns, such as:

  • Exterior lighting. Make sure all lights are in working order, and are strategically placed to light areas like access points.

  • Parking lots. Ensure that lots are well-lit, and encourage employees and visitors not to leave valuable items, or any items that may appear to be valuable, in their vehicles.

  • Doors and windows. All locks should be in good working order, and employees should be aware of lock-up procedures and who is responsible for tasks like closing windows at end of day.

  • Security systems. Review alarms and/or video surveillance systems, and who is responsible for setting or monitoring them, especially with new employees.

These security procedures make a difference, but you may want to go one step further by bringing in a professional security service to manage these and other responsibilities. The presence of a security officer deters crime, and gives employees and visitors peace of mind. Most professional security companies will perform a complimentary security evaluation, and work with you to find a solution within your budget. And don’t forget about the additional benefits of security professionals at your business.

Security is an important topic that warrants time, energy and investment, and taking a few moments to assess and improve upon your business facility’s security this spring will help you be prepared for a safe, productive summer.

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