Security officer walkie talkie

The first day of summer has passed, but in the Pacific Northwest, the Fourth of July feels like the official kickoff. And with warmer temperatures come some of our favorite events of the year – like music festivals, county fairs, parades, picnics, street fairs, and races – that bring large groups of people together in outdoor venues.

Most event coordinators hire temporary staff to serve a variety of roles at events. Including security officers, who have specific training and skills, will help events run smoothly and ensure the safety of attendees.

Below are just a few of the roles security officers can fill at a variety of summer events:

    Large events like music festivals and fairs are typically in designated areas to ensure that only those with passes or tickets enter. Security officers can manage entrances and check passes to help avoid long lines and disgruntled attendees. Officers not only manage the flow of visitors in and out, but also inspect the perimeter and ensure that entrance points are the only points of access.

    Event organizers have different requirements for items that cannot be at the event, from food and beverages to glass bottles to backpacks and coolers. Security officers can inspect attendees’ bags and purses and, can even operate metal detectors to identify any potentially hazardous items.

    Thefts from cars are a frequent occurrence when a large group of people gather. Security officers in a parking area can not only help direct cars to available spots, but also remind attendees not to leave valuables in their vehicles and conduct patrols to help prevent break-ins.

    Where are the restrooms? Can I gain readmittance after exiting the event? Where can I find a first aid station? These are a few of the many logistical questions patrons at big events will have. Security officers are trained to provide excellent customer service by answering questions and directing attendees to where they need to be.