Underground parking lot

Americans mark the end of daylight saving time by turning clocks back by an hour in early November. Though an extra hour of sleep and lighter mornings are welcome, the downside is darker evenings, meaning employees working the day shift will likely leave work after dark.

Whether you work at an office building, food processing facility, construction site or healthcare facility, make a note to check on security around the end of daylight saving time each fall. Here are a few items for your fall security checklist:

Inspect Exterior Lighting
During the longer days of summer and fall, you may not have noticed light bulbs that had burned out or fixtures obscured by trees or shrubs. Take a moment to ensure that all lights are working and appropriately bright, and consider adding additional lights (include those with motion sensors) or cutting back foliage to increase visibility. Little changes like these can have a big impact on security.

Survey Parking Lots or Garages
Parking lots should be areas of close focus, as well as the routes employees use to get to them, like stairwells and sky bridges. Even if your parking lot is underground, fall is a good time to inspect lighting and any areas of concern.

Post an Internal Security Reminder
Employees can always benefit from a reminder about security procedures, so making a security post on your company’s intranet or bulletin board can be beneficial. Remind employees about things like not leaving items in full view in their cars (a common occurrence during the holiday season), lock-up and alarm procedures and visitor policies.

Have a Security Professional Assess Your Workplace
A security evaluation from a trained security professional will include recommendations for improvements you can make in the security of your facility. This may include suggesting hiring a security officer, which has many benefits you may not be familiar with.

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