Summer staffing for landscaping, catering, events, moving

When you think of summer, do you think of sunny days, sandy beaches and plenty of relaxation? For a lot of businesses, there's not much time for vacation because summer is peak season.

The employer types below may need different types of temporary staff members, but they have one thing in common: it’s hard to accurately forecast their staffing needs well in advance, and they often need high volumes on short notice. These employers can see significant benefits from outsourcing staffing this summer, particularly when unemployment is low and competition for qualified candidates is fierce.

Lots of sunshine means yards are in full bloom. During the summer, landscaping companies are inundated with requests from new and existing clients, both maintaining yards for homeowners and providing landscaping and upkeep for commercial properties. Job types vary, from mowing lawns to weeding to laying sod to mulching to installing pavers, but one thing is for certain – a seasonal need for qualified staff.

Ever had one of those summers where it feels like you’re attending a wedding every other weekend? Summer is prime wedding season, when brides and grooms can have the outdoor weddings of their dreams and fewer concerns about bad weather. In addition, outdoor parties, company barbecues, and more fun, food-filled events mean catering companies are incredibly busy. In addition to servers, catering companies may need to fill positions like bartenders, cooks or bussers.

From concerts and music festivals to food festivals to street fairs and parades, warm summer days and nights bring lots of people to outside events. Extra staff members may be needed for event setup and breakdown, to take tickets, or to greet and direct guests. And when events attended by hundreds or thousands of people are happening, having enough employees is key to their going off without a hitch.

The real estate market is on fire in many parts of the country, meaning many people are moving up and out of their homes or apartments. Movers are in high demand and can be difficult to find, particularly because of the physical requirements of the job, as well as the ability to drive a moving truck. Moving companies don't want to be turning down jobs during their busy season because of a shortage of staff.

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