Quality assurance employee packaging facility

You have dozens of staffing agencies to choose from, and they all make the same promises. But DePaul Staffing truly walks the walk.

  1. The right person for the right job.
    Any staffing agency can send you a sizable number of unsatisfactory temps. At DePaul, our ability to match the right person to the right job is key. In addition to interviewing for skills and abilities, we consider cultural and personality fit. We strive to make the perfect placement the first time. However, if we don’t, no sweat – we guarantee every employee and will quickly send a replacement.

  2. Our screening process.
    Many staffing agencies charge an additional fee for screening services like drug testing or reference checks. At DePaul, we screen each and every associate for no additional cost to you, including drug screens, in-person interviews, background checks, reference checks and eligibility to work in the United States.

  3. We’re honest.
    Lots of staffing companies over-promise and under-deliver. We’re honest about our strengths and weaknesses, and we consider ourselves advisers to helping your business thrive. If we can't meet your needs, we’ll tell you – and we’ll also give you advice about where to turn next.

  4. Safety is our priority.
    Like most staffing companies, all of our associates are trained in safety best practices. But we go above and beyond, employing a full-time Safety Manager in our Portland headquarters, who conducts safety assessments of new clients and is available to develop a safety plan customized for your workplace.

  5. Unique recruiting sources.
    DePaul has access to candidates that our competitors don’t. Our purpose-driven organization aims to hire qualified candidates with disabilities, who are often overlooked by employers. This candidate pool, who we access with the help of community partners, is especially important in this time of low unemployment rates and long times-to-fill.

  6. No conversion fee after 520 hours.
    Unlike other staffing agencies, we celebrate when you choose to hire one of our associates permanently. Once an associate has worked at your workplace for 520 hours, you can hire them on with no – that’s right, NO – conversion fee.