Using Business as a Force for Good: On the Move Roundup

It’s often a little tricky to describe just what DePaul Industries is about, as we’re at the confluence of a lot of different businesses, structures, and ideas. To give a little perspective, here’s a round-up of three upcoming public happenings that uniquely involve three of our key components as a company:

A Partnership with RSF Social Finance

We are excited to announce our partnership with RSF Social Finance! RSF has granted us a mortgage loan, which will be used to help retain our permanent headquarters in the Portland metro area. Because we are so excited, we want to share a little bit about RSF as an organization.

Disability Employment up 25%, Beyond Projections

Our Fiscal Year 2012 numbers are in, and we’ve got some excellent news: our number of hours worked by people with disabilities is up 25% from last year! This increase is beyond even our most optimistic projections, and means that our employees and customers are putting an even bigger dent in the problem of the lack of employment for people with disabilities.