Exploring DePaul’s Benefit Companies, B Corp Certifications

Businesses around the world are going beyond corporate social responsibility and charitable giving to use business as a force for good. DePaul Industries recently registered two benefit companies, and both of these companies are now Certified B Corporations. Though the terms “benefit company” and “B Corp” are sometimes used interchangeably, they are different forms.

DePaul Industries Opens Staffing Office in Boise Metropolitan Area

DePaul Industries, a social enterprise non-profit whose mission is to employ individuals with disabilities, will open its eighth office this week in the Boise metropolitan area.

The expansion into the Boise market is in line with DePaul’s forward-thinking Strategic Plan 2011-2016, which aims for expansion into multiple additional markets and to nearly triple employment of people with disabilities by the end of fiscal year 2016.

DePaul Staff Changes to Support Market Growth

With major developments on the East Coast in Baltimore, here at home in the Pacific Northwest, and even abroad, we’re on track to grow even more during fiscal year 2014 and continue to employ thousands of people with disabilities each year.

Using Business as a Force for Good: On the Move Roundup

It’s often a little tricky to describe just what DePaul Industries is about, as we’re at the confluence of a lot of different businesses, structures, and ideas. To give a little perspective, here’s a round-up of three upcoming public happenings that uniquely involve three of our key components as a company:

A Partnership with RSF Social Finance

We are excited to announce our partnership with RSF Social Finance! RSF has granted us a mortgage loan, which will be used to help retain our permanent headquarters in the Portland metro area. Because we are so excited, we want to share a little bit about RSF as an organization.