The Employment Model: DePaul Industries on 105.1 FM – The Buzz

105.1 FM The Buzz logoThere’s a great radio overview of the DePaul Industries’ business model at 105.1 FM The Buzz, highlighting our various business units and how we operate a integrated social venture—successfully helping business and people with disabilities simultaneously.

Partnering with The Standard to Create Jobs

When aiming to create employment opportunities for everyone who wants to work, that includes discovering and developing innovative ways to create jobs for those with the most significant barriers to employment.

The Release of Our 2011-2016 Strategic Plan

DePaul Industries Strategic Plan 2011-2016We’re excited to unveil our five-year strategic plan today, which focuses on scaling our staffing, security, and food packaging & contract manufacturing business units in order to increase our mission impact over the next five y

DePaul Industries Celebrates 40 Years of Social Entrepreneurship

DePaul Industries, the Northwest’s premier outsourcing organization, celebrates 40 years of service to its customers and people with disabilities with record-breaking numbers, significant accolades, and pioneering entrepreneurship that simultaneously solves business problems and provides social benefit.