DePaul Security Fire Watch inspector

DePaul Security's Fire Watch division specializes in providing medical facilities, construction sites, office buildings, industrial complexes, and shipyards and dry docks with organized, professional Fire Watch coverage. For Portland inquiries, contact Maria Todd at (503) 288-6253. For Salem and Eugene, contact the Mid-Valley Security Manager at (503) 856-9563.

Fire Watch personnel perform constant patrols of the affected areas of the facility to keep watch for fires. These rounds are documented in the facility records, and kept available for the Fire Marshal upon request.

The individuals assigned to perform Fire Watch have no other duties other than constant patrols of the affected areas of the facility to keep watch for fires—therefore, hiring qualified professionals is imperative. Our Fire Watch employees are trained in-house by an experienced supervisory team, and provide excellent services at your facility.


Emergency room

  • Allow medical personnel to perform duties without interruption
  • Monitor electrical and flammable medical equipment, such as oxygen tanks
  • Protect patients, guests, and staff


Industrial warehouse

  • Scrutinize high heat or 'hot work' areas, such as welding facilities
  • Keep records of potential hazard spots
  • Survey warehouses and detect early signs of fire


Construction site

  • Monitor closed areas and spaces in renovation areas
  • Ensure fire safety of all construction components and equipment
  • Patrol area during demolition or other dangerous operations

Shipyard/Dry Dock

Ship in dry dock at shipyard

  • Protect ships in dry dock and all related personnel 24/7
  • Inspect all ship compartments inside and out
  • Log and correct combustible exposure areas



Commercial building fire watch

  • Inspect large office buildings and commercial spaces when occupied
  • Make constant rounds of every floor and potential problem area
  • Assist in large-scale building evacuations if necessary