Security officer at gate

At DePaul Security, our purpose is to provide an operating force of trained personnel to protect your company and property from fire, theft, intrusion and other unlawful acts which disturb the peace or which place life or property in jeopardy. Our comprehensive security officer screening and security officer training program prepares our officers for the situations they will encounter at your workplace.

DePaul Security has rigorous screening and interview procedures which ensure that only qualified candidates are referred for employment. Prior to acceptance for DePaul Security Training, every candidate is interviewed by a staff member, using years of proven security experience to determine the best officer candidates. Background investigations are conducted through a third-party vendor and consist of criminal history investigations for every location a person has worked or resided, to the extent allowed by law, for the past 20 years. Prior to any employment offer, DePaul Security conducts reference checks by verifying previous employment and conducting phone interviews with a minimum of three references. Pre-employment drug screens are conducted on all new hires and any employee who returns after a thirty-day separation.

Our supervisory staff members who lead trainings have extensive backgrounds in military, law enforcement and specialized security. All officers are required to hold Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) certification, and our intensive course offers a comprehensive curriculum that exceeds these requirements. DePaul Security Officers are trained in areas like crisis intervention, asset protection, security access control, evacuation procedures, customer service and report writing.

When you enlist DePaul’s services, we write a post order custom-designed to meet the specific protection needs of your site. Post orders detail all duties expected of the officer(s) on duty; emergency contact names & numbers for problems that may be encountered by the officer; and procedures for fire, hazardous materials, medical or police emergencies. Post orders follow an approval and review process to ensure that your company, DePaul Security, and the assigned officers are all on the same page.