Introducing the New Unified Workforce

Since DePaul Industries was founded in 1971, we've provided job opportunities for people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, and over the years our program has taken many different forms. Now our Unified Workforce program is embarking on a new era, helping our employees to gain new skills and attain jobs in the community.

Joining Forces with Albertina Kerr & Others to Secure Employment Opportunities

We’ve formed a new partnership with Albertina Kerr Centers, Port City Development Center, and Bethesda Lutheran Communities to expand the nationally-acclaimed Project SEARCH program in the Portland metro area. Our four organizations will combine resources to work together with large local businesses to improve employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities.

Partnering with The Standard to Create Jobs

When aiming to create employment opportunities for everyone who wants to work, that includes discovering and developing innovative ways to create jobs for those with the most significant barriers to employment.