DePaul Industries' FY 2018 Impact

DePaul Industries runs a variety of successful businesses, but we also have an important social mission: to identify and create job opportunities for people with employment barriers. 

Now that our Fiscal Year 2018 is in the books, we wanted to share our impact.

DePaul Industries' 2016 Impact

At DePaul Industries, we aim to be the top choice and provide great service to customers of our staffing, security and consumer products divisions. But we also have a social mission: to help people with disabilities to have the opportunity to work.

2016 was a big year for us, and our impact for the year is featured in the infographic below.

Introducing the New Unified Workforce

Since DePaul Industries was founded in 1971, we've provided job opportunities for people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, and over the years our program has taken many different forms. Now our Unified Workforce program is embarking on a new era, helping our employees to gain new skills and attain jobs in the community.