Looking to Improve Your Bottom Line?

Are you concerned about reducing costs, increasing productivity and reducing employee turnover? Of course you are, and of course every successful business owner would explore any and all ways in which to do so. So, have you considered hiring workers with disabilities?

Joining Forces with Albertina Kerr & Others to Secure Employment Opportunities

We’ve formed a new partnership with Albertina Kerr Centers, Port City Development Center, and Bethesda Lutheran Communities to expand the nationally-acclaimed Project SEARCH program in the Portland metro area. Our four organizations will combine resources to work together with large local businesses to improve employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities.

Benefit from the Talents of People with Disabilities

On the heels of a U.S Labor Department effort to encourage federal contractors to hire a minimum number of disabled workers or face penalty, the Wall Street Journal reported that a number of companies have “flooded the department with complaints that the rule amounts to a first-ever government quota for hiring disabled workers that woul