Hire Temporary Staff Now to Increase Inventory for the Holidays

The first signs of fall are upon us: kids are back in school, leaves are starting to change and temperatures are cooling. The holidays may feel far away but will be here before we know it. For consumer goods companies, that means now is the time to ramp up production to ensure inventory volume for the holiday season.

Why Use Temporary Staffing? Our Top 5 Reasons

You may have heard that over 90% of companies use temporary staffing agencies for various hiring and recruiting needs. These businesses, from Fortune 500s to small companies, clearly see the benefits of outsourcing these responsibilities.

Give Your HR Department a Break

Chances are, when you’re considering hiring seasonal or temporary employees, you need them in a pinch during an extremely busy period in your industry. While you may consider having your HR Department process the hires to save a few dollars, there might be a huge headache waiting in the wings during an already stressful and hectic time for your workplace.